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Back row left to right: Lucy Mearkle, Rob Mock, Marshal Tewell, Rick Barefoot, John Blackburn, Roger Smith, Dave Roberts. Front row left to right: Kathy Waite, Donna Brick, Tina Russell, Susan Rummel.

Rick Barefoot      President
Tina Russell        Vice-President/General Manager
Donna Brick        Office Manager

Lucy Mearkle      Claims Manager
Dave Roberts      Marketing
Kathy Waite        CSR
Susan Rummel   Underwriting/CSR
Roger Smith        Claims Adjuster
John Blackburn  Claims Adjuster
Marshal Tewell   Claims/Underwriting
Rob Mock             Technical Director/Property Inspector

Absent from photo: Lee Imler, Claims Adjuster; Shane Imler, Claims Adjuster

Our Board of Directors

  • • Kevin R. Grubb, Chairman of the Board
  • • Rick Barefoot, President
  • • Anthony Madoskey, Treasurer
  • • Vondalee Swanson, Secretary
  • • Richard J. Barkley, Director
  • • Troy Campbell, Director
  • • H. Eugene Garner, Director

  • • Keith Leppert, Director
  • • Charles Swanson, Director
  • • Brian K. Patterson, Director
  • • Randall K. Yon, Director
  • • Jessica Grubb, Director
  • • Calvin Zook, Director