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FarmEquipmentThe Bedford Grange Mutual  Farmowners insurance program provides the same coverage as our homeowners program but also provides liability coverage for your ‘farming’ or ‘farming activities’ and allows for adding farm buildings, farm personal property, livestock, farm equipment, produce, and supplies. Optional coverages that can be added to your policy may include animal perils; farm machinery glass; weight of ice, snow & sleet for buildings; borrowed farm machinery; and fencing. In addition, we offer our Home Systems Protection (equipment breakdown) with Service Line Coverage for your home and Farm Equipment Breakdown coverage for the farm to further enhance your policy. For more details on these, see Home Systems Protection, Service Line, and Farm Equipment Breakdown coverages.

Enhance Your Coverages

Home Systems Protection

Protection for your home systems, appliances and electronics which includes heating and cooling, security, and more.

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Service Line Protection

Coverage that pays to repair or replace exterior underground water and sewer piping, electrical service lines and more.

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Farmowners Equipment Breakdown w/Home Systems Protection

Farming has changed.  So have the risks.  Farming has always been an equipment-intensive business but, in recent years, changes have increased farm equipment risks.  Modern farm technology is subject to power quality problems that can damage sensitive circuitry.

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