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Farm Operations’ Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Farming has changed.  So have the risks.  Farming has always been an equipment-intensive business but, in recent years, changes have increased farm equipment risks.  Modern farm technology is subject to power quality problems that can damage sensitive circuitry.  And conventional machinery now has to be run harder and longer.  Yet most farmowners policies exclude equipment risks.

Potential critical coverage gaps found in traditional Farmowners policy forms for exposures directly impacting your farm operations and home equipment and machinery as well as your home’s exterior underground service lines and pipes are now being provided with the following coverages.

 Farm Operations’ Equipment Breakdown Coverage:

With Farmowners Equipment Breakdown coverage, potential critical exposure gaps found in traditional Farmowners coverage forms are now covered for mechanical breakdown, electrical arcing, and steam explosions causing physical damage to a wide range of critical farm operations machinery and equipment:

• Deep well pumps
• Electrical distribution systems
• Hot water heaters
• Generators
• Heating, ventilation & cooling systems
• Farm business computers
• Farm refrigeration units
• Computer Controlled equipment
• Boiler & pasteurization equipment
• GPS devices
• Stationary machinery, engines & motors
• Irrigation equipment (system parts as defined)

Home Systems Protection Coverage:

Home Systems Protection Coverage fills in potential critical exposure gaps found in traditional Farm Dwelling coverage forms for your home’s equipment… direct physical damage caused by mechanical and electrical breakdown of your home’s critical equipment.

Your home equipment covered includes electrical panels and generators, electric garage door openers, permanently installed security systems, solar energy systems, heating and cooling equipment, pumps, pool and spa equipment as well as kitchen and laundry appliances.

This is a coverage enhancement product.