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Commecial Equipment Breakdown

Today’s technology is at risk.  Modern equipment often uses microprocessors and sensitive technology that is vulnerable to power surges, low voltage and other problems. BEDFORD GRANGE MUTUAL’S designed Equipment Breakdown coverage protects a wider range of equipment and technology, including equipment that other insurers may exclude.

Equipment breakdown can also lead to the loss of data and significant data recovery costs. Traditional equipment coverage is often limited to the cost of the media such as tapes or discs.  BEDFORD GRANGE MUTUAL’S Equipment Breakdown insurance covers data restoration expenses as well as physical damage.

Key Terms:

Accident: This is the necessary trigger for all coverages under the policy. It encompasses a wide range of mechanical and electrical breakdowns, as well as steam explosions, in language designed to complement commercial property coverage.

Covered Equipment: Unless otherwise indicated, this includes electrical, mechanical and pressure equipment. It includes both Real Property, such as heating, cooling, and electrical systems, and Personal Property, such as office and process equipment.

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